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Επιστροφή στη πλήρη λίστα με τα νέα

Διακυβερνητική συμφωνία μεταξύ της Αλβανίας και της Ιταλίας: επιτυχία ορόσημο για τον Αδριατικό Αγωγό φυσικού αερίου

12 Μάρτιος 2009

The Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) was signed by the Albanian Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, Genc Ruli, and by the Italian Minister for Economic Development, Claudio Scajola.

Among other energy projects, the agreement includes Trans Adriatic Pipeline as a project of common interest for Albania and Italy in the field of energy cooperation.

Signing of the IGA between Italy and Albania is an important development, which will have a positive impact on further progress  of the project, especially in Italy. The IGA provides endorsement of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline on the high political level and shows commitment of Italian and Albanian governments to support implementation of the project. More specifically, the agreement confirms the status of the TAP as a project of EU Interconnection and allows it to continue with various application procedures to the Italian authorities.