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Επιστροφή στη πλήρη λίστα με τα νέα

Συνάντηση του ΤAP με ιταλικές υπηρεσίες και αρχές με θέμα την πρόταση για τη διαδρομή του αγωγού

15 Οκτώβριος 2009

TAP started meetings with Italian agencies & authorities in the Apulia region to discuss the TAP project and preferred pipeline route proposal, which avoids Natura 2000 areas.

In October, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is meeting local officials and agencies in Apulia to discuss its preferred pipeline route in Italy. Route refinement is an important stage in TAP’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Process and the aim is to gain valuable feedback from local agencies and public officials on the proposed routing.

TAP’s intention is to engage with all stakeholders in an open and constructive dialogue in advance of any decision on the exact pipeline routing and construction work. In line with national and EU requirements, TAP’s preferred route avoids the Natura 2000 sites located to the south and north of Brindisi, which contain important oceanic habitats for Posidonia sea grass.

Christian Falck, TAP's Technical Director, said: "Following detailed studies, which showed that the initial pipeline routing would cross a Natura 2000 area near Brindisi, TAP decided to review another, longer alternative to avoid the Natura 2000 site. This is now the preferred pipeline route option. TAP takes health, safety and the environment very seriously. We are making every effort to consult local stakeholders and listen to their concerns prior to any final routing decisions or construction work. TAP plans to build the pipeline to the highest technical specifications and standards, and to make it one of the best and safest of Italy’s existing pipelines".